China Mobiles 3G Users Grow 106 Per Cent in H1

China Mobile’s quarterly profits grew two per cent year-on-year to 35.25bn yuan (£3.67bn), according to the company’s latest interim earnings statement. Revenue grew 12.9 per cent from Q2 2012 to 2013, reaching 158.47 yuan (£16.61bn).

 Mobile data usage increased by 82 per cent from H1 2012 to H1 2013, as 49.95m additional 3G subscribers were brought on board, compared to growth of 15.87m a year earlier. China Mobile’s total 3G subscriber base now stands at 137.88m, an increase of 106 per cent on 2012, although they still only make up around 19 per cent of its 740.15m total users. 

The company’s annual investment in 4G infrastructure is expected to reach 41.7bn yuan (£4.3bn) in 2013, 22 per cent of total investment for the year.