China Now The Worlds Biggest Market for iOS Apps

iPad-Apple-App-Store-iOSChina has overtaken the US to become the biggest market for iOS apps, according to a report from App Annie.

China pulled in $1.7bn (£1.4bn) during Q3 2016, the highest App Store revenues seen in any single country to date. Its 15 per cent ahead of app revenues in the US, and that gap looks only set to widen in the coming years.

Its been a quick rise for China – its consumers are now spending five times the amount on App Store purchases than they did two years ago – but the countrys move to the top spot doesnt come as much of a surprise.

China has dominated the Android app market for a while, though with downloads primarily from local app stores rather than Google Play. Last quarter, it became the biggest earner in the games category on iOS.

Games are still by far the most important app category in the country, accounting for 75 per cent of revenues. The closest categories are entertainment, social networking and books, all of which have seen revenues more than triple in the past year.