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China Sees First LTE TV Tranmission

Alex Spencer

China Mobile has transmitted the world's first live TV outside broadcast over a TD-LTE (Time Division Duplex Long-Term Evolution) network.

A live high-quality video stream of the Xiamen International Marathon was transmitted, at 5Mbps, to the China Central TV and Xiamen TV stations for broadcasting, over a Nokia-Siemens LTE network.

No packet loss, delay or degradation in network performance was reported over the two and a half hours of transmission.

“This world-first is yet another proof point for us as a leader in driving the TD-LTE innovation, globalization and commercialization,” said Markus Borchert, president of Nokia Siemens Networks, Greater China region. “With our advanced TD-LTE technology, we ensured optimal network performance with ultra high-quality and reliability for China Mobile to support such a international event with very high data traffic.”