Chip & Win for Mobile Coupons

Mobile marketing company Enpocket says it has removed a major barrier to the take-up of mobile couponing campaigns, with the development of a system for coupon redemption that uses existing chip & pin terminals.
Enpocket has developed the system in conjunction with technology company i-movo, and is using it for the first time on a promotion for Wild Bean Caf, the food and drink franchise that operates in BP Connect petrol stations. The campaign aims to drive trials of Wild Bean coffee via mobile vouchers. Consumers who respond to promotional activity running online, on radio and in BP Connect forecourts to win SatNav systems and cash prizes are given the option of receiving a promotional voucher on their handset, which they can redeem at participating franchises for a cup of coffee.
To redeem the voucher, consumers enter the unique number contained within it into the outlets chip and pin terminal. i-movo has carried out the back-end work which enables the terminals to recognise the string of numbers as a promotional code, rather than a credit or debit card PIN number. The vouchers can also be redeemed in the same way using mobile phone e-Pay top-up terminals.
We think retailers will love this system says Enpockets Hugh Mark. It opens up a new promotional and loyalty channel that does not require the retailer to invest in new hardware to redeem the offer.
Enpocket is set to roll out another promotion using the same technology with a chain of newsagents in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime,  it says the Wild Bean Caf promotion has delivered tens of thousands of voucher requests, with response rates of up to 10% and redemption rates of between 5 and 10%.