Chiquita celebrates the beauty of yellow in latest campaign

Food produce company, Chiquita has launched a video campaign that depicts the beauty of the colour yellow and the significance of Chiquita bananas as a part of everyday life. 

The colour yellow is often associated with happiness, optimism, creativity, and sunshine. One of the Pantone 2021 colours of the year is a soft shade of yellow called “Illuminating,” which seeks to convey a message of hopefulness.

Positioning the colour yellow as its brand ambassador, Chiquita takes consumers on a sensorial journey through the eyes of a child, where the borders between authenticity, fantasy, and sense of aesthetic all melt into one cohesive storyline centered around a love of bananas.

The video will launch across the brands digital and social platforms, along with a variety of banana-centric recipes for consumers to try out at home. 

“At Chiquita, we recognise that our iconic Blue Sticker and bright yellow bananas not only provide a great tasting snack and source of nutrition for consumers but also a sense of tradition and nostalgia for those who have enjoyed our bananas throughout various stages of life,” said Director of Sales and Market Coordination for North Europe at Chiquita, Marc Speidel. “We hope that this new video sparks joy among banana lovers and inspires our fans and families to find new ways to make sweet memories this summer and beyond, with our flavorful yellow bananas.”