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Chitika: iOS Still Leads the Way for Mobile Browsers

Alex Spencer

Despite the swell in Android sales over the last year, and the success of Samsung handsets in particular, Apple still rules the roost when it comes to web traffic, according to a study by Chitika Insights.

Based on a user agent analysis on billions of iOS and Android ad impressions over the six month period between 27 May–27 November 2012, the study found that the share of each OS has barely shifted. 

At the end of November, iOS held a 67 per cent share, leaving Android at 33 per cent. This split remained more or less steady throughout the period, although Android saw a peak of 40 per cent in late August, which Chitika says can be put down to strong sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

It's worth noting that smartphone traffic is roughly an even split – though this still means that iOS far outweighs Android on a user-by-user basis. The deciding factor is the tablet market, where the iPad has unquestioned dominance.