Christmas Comes Early for Tigerspike

Following its $11m funding from AEGIS media earlier this year, Tigerspike says it has set its sights on high-speed, platform-agnostic, mobile video technology, with the hire of Stuart Christmas as director of innovation and future technologies, leading an advanced products team based in Singapore.

Christmas graduated from the University of Kent in the UK with a Masters degree in Thermal and Nuclear Physics, during which time he designed Reverse Monte-Carlo simulations for determining the atomic structure of amorphous carbons that are still being used today at the Rutherford-Appleton laboratory in Oxfordshire. He also holds a PhD in Optoelectronics.

Based in Tigerspike’s new innovation lab, Christmas will be initially overseeing the development and procurement of a number of patents focused on strongly-encrypted, high-speed mobile video transmission. The technology is being designed to handle 3D and HD video content across any format, device and platform. It is also being developed to allow regions with poor communications networks to use outdated mobile devices for fast and high-quality video conferencing.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a great team at Tigerspike and develop technology that could dynamically change the way mobile devices are used for peer-to-peer video streaming,” says Christmas. “We’re already investigating how our unique technology can be used to enable remote medical care in Sub-Saharan Africa, where devices and networks are years behind modern systems. Video streaming in these regions could be an incredibly effective way to provide urgent care and diagnostics.”

As well as high-speed streaming, Tigerspike is also developing and patenting real-time encryption of any data stream, including video, with the aim of giving organisations unprecedented security when transmitting sensitive data from mobile platforms.

“We aim to commercialise 30 per cent of all the ideas that come out of the innovation lab, which means we have plenty of room for experimenting and developing new technologies, ensuring we remain ahead of the curve,” says Tigerspike CEO, Luke Janssen. “Ultimately, these new technologies will drive the future roadmap of our Phoenix platform, which powers all of the work that we do. Basing Stuart in our new Singapore office will help us tap into the. Basing Stuart in our new Singapore office will help us tap into the Asian hi-tech growth markets, as well as further increase our global footprint.”