CIAmedia Launches Post Call Ad SDK for Android Apps

calldoradoAd tech company CIAmedia has launched an SDK for Android apps and games that enables developers to monetise incoming and outgoing phone calls with Post Call Ads.

The technology, called Calldorado, provides a direct incremental revenue stream by serving post call ads, an out-of-app ad unit that serves non-intrusive banner and native ads at the end of phone calls, together with caller ID information.

According to CIAmedia, while 70 per cent of all apps are monetised by in-app advertising, typical app usage is declining over time, and consumers only regularly use as few as five apps in any given week. This leaves a large number of developers earning less that $500 (£313) per app a month, with only apps with user-bases in the millions truly rewarded by in-app ads.

The Calldorado technology provides a new method of advertising, while also enhancing the user experience by incorporating CIAmedias caller ID functionality. The company estimates that an app with the Calldorado technology incorporated will deliver an average of 150 post call ad impressions per user, per month, adding substantially to the existing ad impressions that an app may already generate.

“The Calldorado SDK does three important things,” said Claudia Dreier-Poepperl, CEO and founder of CIAmedia. “It adds additional incremental revenue in a way that is unobtrusive, it wakes up apps that are experiencing declining engagement levels and enhances the user experience by including useful caller ID information, regardless of whether that app is a torch, a game, a social network or a utility.”