Cisco Invests in Cohda Wireless as Part of M2M Push

Network technology firm Cisco, along with NXP Semiconductors, has invested in Cohda Wireless, an Australian company which produces hardware and software M2M solutions for smart vehicles, with a focus on road safety.

The investment is intended to help push development and adoption of the Internet of Things in the automotive industry, through Cohdas intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communications technology.

It looks like Cisco is getting serious about M2M, having just launched an Internet of Everything global marketing campaign – which incorporates TV spots and AR-enabled print ads – to help promote the concept.

NXP has also worked together with Cohda to build a wireless communication solution for on-board radio units based on each companys existing technology. 

“We believe that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected, and smarter vehicles are one of the many ways in which we will fully experience the Internet of Everything,” said Maciej Kranz, vice president and general manager of Ciscos Connected Industries Group. “The on-board solution is one element of an end-to-end architecture that integrates with Cisco’s offboard network infrastructure. Our ultimate aim is to bring about a safer, more enjoyable, and more productive travel experience, enabled by the network.”