Citi rolls out Google Assistant voice search for Citi Entertainment cardmembers

Financial services group Citi  is offering its cardmembers the ability to interact with their Google Assistant to learn more about upcoming Citi Entertainment shows. User can filter their search by location, date, and type of music, and it works with both Google Assistant speakers and the Google Assistant mobile app.

Research conducted by Citi found that voice technology resonates strongly with consumers, particularly as it relates to learning more about upcoming events in their area.

Among those with a smart speaker, such as a Google Assistant or an Amazon Alexa in their home, 87 per cent – and 91 per cent of millennials – would be likely to use the device to search for information about exclusive events in their area, if this capability were available to them, and 58 per cent – 64 per cent of millennials – are already using their smart speaker to find information about upcoming events in their area.

73 per cent – 80 per cent of millennials – use their smart speaker at least once a day, while 63 per cent – 68 per cent of millennials – use it multiple times a day. Seven out of 10 consumers with a smart speaker have increased their use of the device in the past year.

Citi said that by introducing the voice search functionality, it is providing its cardmembers with more seamless access to information on exclusive events, connecting with them in the channel they are increasingly adopting.