Citrix Reveals Global Trends in Consumer and Business Mobile Use

citrixMobile solutions firm Citrix has released its Mobile Analytics Report for early 2015, examining the current trends in mobility for both individual mobile subscribers and enterprise users.

Among the trends revealed by the report is the increasing role of video in the mobile experience. The top five mobile games ranked by data volume all contain video, sports-related video content on mobile has more than doubled and the iPhone 6 Plus shows twice as much data use as the iPhone 6, largely attributable to the larger screen encouraging video viewing.

In enterprise use, the number of devices managed by businesses has increased 72 per cent year-on-year, while clear regional and vertical trends have emerged. iOS remains the dominant enterprise platform, with 64 per cent of enterprise users worldwide. Android has grown in popularity in Asia, and Windows is more than twice as popular in EMEA than it is in North America (16 per cent versus 7 per cent).

Analysis also shows that mobile OS platforms tend to vary by industry segment, with 71 per cent of financial users adopting iOS, while Android made a strong showing in healthcare with 39 per cent penetration.

“The line between personal and business mobility continues to blur as people routinely use the same smartphones and tablets across every part of their lives,” said Chris Fleck, vice president of mobility solutions and alliances at Citrix. “It’s no longer possible to maintain artificial boundaries of personal and business mobility.”