Citysearch Updates BlackBerry App

Citysearch has launched an updated version of its free Mobile by Citysearch application for BlackBerry. The new version of the app offers more simplified browsing, one-touch capabilities and GPS enhancements, in addition to enhanced versions of its existing features, including the ability to Tweet, review, map and search for restaurants, bars, and spas in your current location.

The one-touch capabilities mean that ‘Editor’s Picks’ and ‘Recent Reviews’ are only a click away, while the procedure for contacting a business, mapping an address, or saving a location to contacts has also been simplified. The new version also offers keyword filters, enabling users  to search, for example, for a specific type of restaurant under the ‘Restaurants’ tab.

“We are committed to making our mobile app the best user experience across any device, be it BlackBerry, Android or iPhone, and, based on great feedback from our BlackBerry users, we overhauled the app to make it more robust,” says Bardia Dejban, director of mobile for Citysearch. “With this new release, we have transformed a browser-like experience into a solid native app, keeping the user‘s experience within a small number of screens to streamline the experience.”