CK uses Interactive SMS for IN2U Launch

David Murphy

Fashion designer brand Calvin Klein created a buzz in the city of Toronto to launch its new fragrance 'IN2U', using mobile marketing technology powered by Canadian mobile agency, Addictive Mobility. Capitalising on the eye-catching power of three giant digital billboards, the campaign put a new spin on user-generated content by inviting passers-by to text their thoughts in answer to the question: What are you in 2? which was displayed on the billboards in 20-second ads during a two-week teaser at the central location of Yonge-Dundas Square, right next to Canada's busiest mall, the Eaton Centre.
Mobile users were able to express themselves by texting their response to a dedicated shortcode, and then saw their message run live on one of the billboards. The campaign ran for two weeks, allowing a buzz to be generated, before it was revealed that the product was Calvin Klein's new fragrance, IN2U, which launched worldwide in March 2007.
Addictive Mobility powered the campaign, and animated the unique digital billboard signage for Calvin Klein. An interactive scrolling marquee was created so that the participants got their messages posted on the most prominent billboards in Yonge-Dundas Sq. Addictive Mobility Director Nussar Ahmad says he was excited to combine user-creative content with a reputable brand as a way to express the consumer's view.
It's good that brands are recognizing the power of user-generated content, and the cellphone is a great way to bring that communication to new outdoor environments, such as the busy streets of downtown Toronto" says Ahmad.      
This was the first teaser campaign, as well as the first live-to-screen promotion, that Addictive Mobility has managed. The campaign was run in conjunction with Clear Channel Communications, OMD Canada, and Addictive Mobility, for Coty Inc. and Calvin Klein. 
There are two videos of the clip on YouTube, here and here.