Clarityn Offers App for Hayfever Sufferers

Hayfever drug brand Clarityn Allergy has launched an app for sufferers of the seasonal affliction. 

The app, called Sneeze Alarm, combines alarm clock functions with a pollen count indicator. It uses your phones GPS hardware to determine the pollen count where you are. You then set it as your alarm clock, and the app will wake you up with a series of sneezes to tell you whether the pollen count is low, medium, or high on that day. 

The app will then send a push notifiation to your home screen confirming the pollen level in your area. The pollen forecast data is supplied by the MET Ofiice, and the app offers nine different sneeze sound effects, including the chop, the baby, the uncle, and the compressor.

The Sneeze Alarm app is free, and is available for Android and iPhone