Clash Group Pre-Roll Mobile Video Ads Will Reach 250m Viewers

Clash Group, a direct response advertising agency that this month expanded its operations from the US to the UK, has launched a web and mobile pre-roll video ad platform that targets pre-identified users from a network of 600m video streams. The agency has inventory on more than 1,500 websites, 5,000 Facebook and iPhone apps, as well as widgets on 200,000 blogs.

This offers access to more than 250m video visitors every month across 220 countries. Brands will be able to target by genre, geography, tags, keywords and devices.

“Pre-Roll video is fast becoming a core component for digital advertisers, but until now there hasnt been an effective method to precisely target only the most desirable digital users and eliminate waste that may occur from an inefficient video campaign,” said Simon Wajcenberg, global CEO of Clash Group. “This network changes that.”

Clash Group also recently launched a re-targeting service, which they say allows brands to reach the 98 per cent of shoppers who look but don’t buy and the 60 per cent who abandon their carts.

The company says the technology has been developed in accordance with privacy regulations by securely mapping anonymously held keys to a given user.

It charges for the service on a payment by results model.