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Clear Channel Launches NFC and QR Poster Campaign

Alex Spencer

Out-of-home media company Clear Channel has launched a nationwide campaign, developed in partnership with Creative Orchestra, to raise consumer awareness of its NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR code posters.

Across 10,000 of Clear Channel's Mobile Platform bus shelter and roadside panels nationwide, the campaign will encourage to tap their smartphone to the poster, or scan a QR code, for the chance to win £1,000 of technology vouchers. 

“We are really excited about the innovative possibilities our Mobile Platform offers for both advertisers and the consumer,” said Clear Channel UK commercial director Chris Pelekanou. “We have launched this campaign to give the public an easy, fun, free way of familiarising themselves with a new way of interacting and engaging with out-of-home.” 

Tried & Tested

The campaign is a great use of NFC in the outdoor arena, and the competition should help provide an incentive for consumers to take the plunge with this relatively new channel.

Having spotted one of Clear Channel's digital posters pushing the campaign on a bus stop on Shoreditch High Street, I headed over to try it for myself.

I made sure NFC was turned on, held my phone next to the designated spot and... nothing happened.  So I tried again. Still nothing happened.

Not to be deterred, I tried scanning the QR code, only to be taken to a holding page displaying the message: “Soon we'll be launching some exciting offers and promotions as well as exclusive content and videos from advertisers.”

This is purely anecdotal, of course, and maybe it's a one-off – maybe the chip is broken, or the campaign isn't fully live yet – but but the point is that one bad experience is all it takes to put a consumer off from trying again, especially if it's their first.

For a campaign that's so clearly focused on introducing the concept of NFC posters to the public, that's a minor disaster. It's a real shame, as Clear Channel has got the right idea with this campaign, as with the travel updates it's also promised to introduce down the line, and good applications of NFC are, frankly, all too rare.


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