Clickthrough on Tablet Ads 40 Times Higher than Desktop

An infographic displaying the studys key findings. Click to see full size
An infographic displaying the studys key findings. Click to see full size

The average CTR (Click Through Rate) for a tablet ad is almost 40 times greater than on desktop, at 0.79 per cent, while consumers spend an average of seven seconds with tablet ads.

Thats according to Newsworks Tablet Project research, which tracked 20 campaigns on newspaper websites between October and December 2013.

Of the five sectors studied – automotive, retail & travel, finance, tech and entertainment – retail & travel fared best in terms of CTR (1.04 per cent) but had one of the lowest average dwell times (6.1 seconds). At the other end of the spectrum, entertainment had the lowest CTR (0.57 per cent) but the longest dwell time by far (10.1 seconds).

The ads were grouped into three core creative types – text link, video and interactive – with video ads attracting the highest CTR (1.06 per cent) but video achieving the best dwell time (nine seconds).

“Tablets have a growing and engaged audience, particularly across news brands,” said Vanessa Clifford, deputy CEO at Newsworks. “However, there has been a lack of data and understanding around tablet advertising – what makes an ad successful, what metrics should brands expect, what kind of ad types and language should we be using? These results will offer the advertising community first-stage industry norms, with some standard metrics, creative learnings and a common language for the first time.”