Cloudfare chief: Twitter traffic is tanking

Metas Twitter-like service Threads appears to have taken a big chunk out of its rival.

Twitters website traffic is tanking according to Matthew Prince, the CEO of internet services company Cloudflare. Yesterday he posted a graph showing a sharply descending line representing Twitters web visitor numbers.

There are various reasons for the drop. Elon Musk has alienated some of Twitters more progressive users by taking a hard line on free speech. But he also annoyed more loyal users by limiting the number of tweets they could view in a day.

Then there is Threads. Meta says that 10 million users signed up for its Threads app in its first seven hours last week. Reports say it has since surpassed 70 million users, and is expected to hit 100m today.

The service is available in over 100 countries including the UK, but not yet in the EU, due to regulatory concerns. Despite Threads being a standalone app, users can log in using an Instagram accounts.