Cloudmade Adds Location-based Ads

CloudMade, the mapping, developer and mobile advertising platform has integrated Location-based advertising into the CloudMade Mapping Platform. The service enables developers to display targeted, location-based advertisements in their web or mobile applications, providing them with a valuable additional revenue stream.
CloudMades LBA offering provides developers with the ability to tailor the advertisements they display to their application type and user location. With no additional development resources required, the company says that a developer can display ads in their application in under five minutes by inserting just one line of code into their code base.
For developers with a mobile travel application or website, this could mean choosing to display only ads from the CloudMade Travel Advertisement Channel, featuring hotels, taxi companies, restaurants, bars, and more. Alternatively, developers of more specialized applications such as cycle navigation could find that displaying only bike and sporting good stores and only those nearest the cyclist, return higher click-through rates.
CloudMade will have several Advertisement Channels that provide a wide range of options for developers to monetize.
“The number one request from our developers continuesd to be for location-based ads to be included in our platform,” says CloudMade CTO, James Brown. “Weve now fulfilled this request, coupling it with detaled analytics on user behaviour to reduce churn.” CloudMades Location Based Advertisements will be available early Q2 2010 for all mobile platforms and the web. Native LBA framework support will be available for CloudMades iPhone and Web Maps Studio- Potential revenues will depend on the number of click-throughs and impressions a developer generates from their application.
Developers can be alerted to when LBA becomes available by registering here.