CloudZync Brings Zwallet to Android

ZwalletCloudZync has launched an Android version of its Zwallet mobile wallet app.

Zwallet enables users to make payments at participating merchants via an on-screen QR code. The app also stories loyalty cards and, as of last month, virtual gift cards and vouchers.

Unusually, Zwallet first launched on Windows Phone. That was last August, with the iOS release following shortly after; at the time, Android was pencilled in for a late 2013 launch.

“The mobile payments industry has grown dramatically in the last couple of years, but many of these ‘new’ ways to pay have yet to truly take advantage of the mobile phone that most people now have in their pocket – with most just offering another way to pay by card,” said CloudZync co-founder and CTO Andrew Smith. “Smartphones have the potential to finally enable consumers to slim down their wallets, if not leave them at home altogether.

“By launching on Android we can now offer one of the largest communities of smartphone users in the UK access to a new way to pay while and all of their favourite loyalty schemes, voucher schemes and much more – all from a single display.”