CLX rebrands as Sinch

SinchCLX Communications, a telecoms and cloud communications firm, has launched a new corporate brand and visual identity to encompass all the products it has to offer. CLX, Symsoft, Sinch, and Vehicle have all now been unified under the ‘Sinch’ name.

Sinch has been part of the company since December 2016 when CLX acquired it for its real-time voice and video products. Market research was then undertaken to reach the decision to adopt the name for the entire group.

“We are redefining how businesses engage with their customers through cloud-based tools and mobile technology. We want our brand to expose the full width of our product portfolio and our market-leading expertise at the intersection of tech and telecoms,” said Sinch CEO Oscar Werner.

“Whether you look for the unmatched reach and immediacy of a text message, or the immersive experience of personalized video, Sinch has the tools needed to engage with your customers, grow your business, and enrich your digital customer experience.”

The new brand identify has launched with immediate effect. However, a formal decision is required at the company Annual General Meeting on 17 May before CLX Communications AB can be renamed as Sinch AB on the stock market.

We sat down with the companys chief evangelist and co-founder, Robert Gerstmann, to talk about the rebrand and more.