CMA launches formal investigation into Vodafone and Three merger

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched its Phase 1 investigation looking into Vodafone UK’s merger with Three UK.

If successful, the deal will combine the telecom giant’s operations under one single network provider.

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Now, the CMA has up to 40 working days to assess the deal as part of a Phase 1 investigation, as it has received the required pre-notification evidence and information from both Vodafone UK and Three UK.

The authority has also gathered early views from stakeholders, kicking off its investigation, which is designed to identify whether the deal may lead to a “substantial lessening of competition” and – if so – whether a more in-depth Phase 2 investigation is required.

CMA CEO, Sarah Cardell said: “This deal would bring together two of the major players in the UK telecommunications market, which is critical to millions of everyday customers, businesses and the wider economy. The CMA will assess how this tie-up between rival networks could impact competition before deciding the next steps.

“We now have 40 working days to complete this formal Phase 1 investigation, before publishing our findings and any next steps.”