Coca-Cola digital ad campaigns use SeenThis streaming technology to avoid excessive carbon footprint

OpenX Media LatAm (WPP’s global bespoke media unit for Coca-Cola) and adaptive streaming tech partner SeenThis collaborated to improve campaign performance for Coca-Cola brands, while also transferring an estimated 25 per cent less data compared to conventional video ad serving.

In Q4 2022, OpenX Media LatAm began using SeenThis technology to stream Coca-Cola and Sprite video campaigns as display banners regionally, including markets in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Perú, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Republica Dominicana, and Puerto Rico.

Compared to other video alternatives, both brands increased video reach, while maintaining cost efficiency. By replacing standard banners static communication with high-quality video content, the campaigns delivered an impactful viewer experience that outperformed standard display banners (e.g. Coca-Cola’s Xmas campaign, running on Uruguay’s largest newspaper homepage, El País).

As high-quality video is more data intensive than static ads, SeenThis offered a way to minimise the environmental impact while maximising performance by switching to video.

Avoiding unnecessary carbon footprint in digital advertising
SeenThis adaptive streaming technology uses lower data transfer on ad campaigns compared to sending a video of corresponding quality using conventional technology(Conventional codec 264, mp4 progressive download, display.)

With streaming, advertisers are able to improve ad performance, while reducing data transfer which translates into a smaller CO2 footprint. Learn more about SeenThis methodology and Carbon Footprint measurement here.

Using the SeenThis carbon emissions calculator, the initial 23.5m video ad impressions Coca-Cola and Sprite streamed with SeenThis in Q4, data transfers were estimated to be 25 per cent lower than running video of corresponding quality using conventional ad serving technology. This corresponds to avoiding approximately 5 tons CO2e emissions (or the equivalent of about 156,000 plastic bags).

Florencia Formica, Head of Performance LATAM at OpenX Media, said: “SeenThis streaming provides a unique combination that not only creates a better user experience, but also improves outcomes for brands, and empowers them in their sustainability efforts. We are really impressed with the results. Their offering is an innovative complement to our omnichannel media decarbonisation work and well aligned to our reduction first strategy.”


Rodrigo Gayón, Real Time Amplification Manager, at Coca-Cola México, added: “At Coca-Cola, sustainability is an important factor in our digital advertising decisions. SeenThis not only enables us to deliver a beautiful streaming experience to our audience, but their technology also provides an opportunity for us to reduce the CO2 output of our digital campaigns. We look forward to our continued relationship with OpenX Media LatAm and SeenThis as we move forward with our sustainability goals.”

“We’re delighted to be working with partners who are prioritising sustainability in digital,” said Susan Kravitz, SeenThis Head of Commercial Partnerships, Americas. “The internet is a major polluter and represents at least 2 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. It is the sum of the collective effort that will make the difference, to create a more energy-efficient internet.”

Moving into 2023 with an innovative, efficient and more sustainable advertising strategy
Following the results of the Coca-Cola campaigns, OpenX Media LatAm plans on scaling the volume of impressions using streaming technology and running all relevant video campaigns into display inventory – optimising brands communication goals at lower cost, while avoiding excessive carbon footprint stemming from digital advertising.