Coca-Cola Integrates Mobile into Christmas Campaign

Coca-Cola has released an app as part of its Christmas marketing campaign. 

The campaign features the linguistic skills of pop singer Natasha Bedingfield, who has recorded the song Shake Up Christmas in six different languages – and the app allows users to create and share personalised Christmas greetings by cropping a photo into a dance performance to the song. 

There is also a Facebook gaming application and the ability to gift mobile assets, such as customised Christmas wallpaper and ringtones. 

The Shake Up Christmas song is available on iTunes – including a multi-language megamix featuring Bedingfield singing in Spanish, French, Swahili, Filipino, Ukrainian, and English. 

The campaign also features TV spots that revisit the Santa Claus snow globe of previous years. 

To see a terribly Christmassy video of Bedingfield talking about the campaign, click here