Coca-Cola Launches Campaign Around Mobile Game and Wearables

coca cola just danceCoca-Cola has partnered with Ubisoft to launch a marketing campaign around the release of the Just Dance Now mobile game.

The campaign, which will see content be made available for free through QR codes on Coke cans, is part of a Coca-Cola initiative aimed at encouraging teens to live healthy, active lives.

The game utilises the gyroscope and accelerometer within smartphones to enable the popular dance game to be played on any internet-connected screen, and is available for free on both iOS and Android. Ubisoft and Coca-Cola previously partnered during the 2014 World Cup to release its official football anthem “The World is Ours” through Just Dance.

Coca-Cola has also announced a partnership with wearables manufacturer Misfit, with the aim of bringing its Flash Fitness and Sleep Monitor to a wider audience when it is launched in the UK later this year.

To mark the beginning of the campaign, Coca-Cola held a launch event in Place St Lazare in Paris where it premiered the new Coca-Cola song “Find Your Move” and invited the public to dance alongside French dance duo Les Twins.