Coca-Cola Launches Tweet a Coke Campaign

Tweet a CokeCoca-Cola has launched a Tweet a Coke campaign, which enables them to send friends a voucher which can redeemed for a drink at the Regal cinema chain in the US.

Users sign up via a mobile site, connect their credit card to a Twitter account, and can then purchase a $5 gift card which can be tweeted to a friend.

The campaign is very similar to the Tweet a coffee campaign launched by Starbucks last year, which also enabled Twitter users to gift a $5 voucher, but Cokes campaign comes with an extra set of limitations, as the vouchers are only accepted at selected Regal locations.

Given that the user has to pay for the recipients drink, and know theyll be attending one of these specific cinemas in the near future – though, to be fair, the vouchers have no expiry date – its hard to see the campaign really taking off.

Nevertheless, the concept behind it all is promising, and the launch makes for an interesting contrast with Facebooks announcement that it will be shuttering its own social gifting service next month.