Coca Cola Tests Beacon Retargeting in Norwegian Cinemas

Cinema Coke CampaignCoca Cola has been making use of beacon technology in movie theatres in Norway to improve engagement, in-store purchases, and even click-through rates thanks to a retargeting campaign.

The pilot scheme saw moviegoers retargeted a week later with a free ticket offer, and resulted in 60 per cent of consumers clicking on the ad, and 20 per cent redeeming the offer. The company is now planning to extend the program throughout Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

The beacon-based scheme was created in partnership with proximity specialists Unacast, and took advantage of newly installed beacons at CAPA, a member of the largest commercial cinema group in the Nordics.

The eight-week campaign aimed to discover how Coke could reach customers using proximity, offering them a free soft drink while in the cinema, then testing the power of retargeting with the free ticket offer.

“Proximity has the unique ability to both communicate digitally with consumers as they experience the physical space, and to connect that consumer to their digital self,” said Kjarten Slette, COO and co-founder of Unacast .”In effect, it is enabling targeting and retargeting in digital domains based on granular physical behaviour and intent.”