Coca-Cola turns to WebAR for #Refreshwherevs campaign in South Africa

Coca-Cola is using WebAR (augmented reality) in South Africa as part of its #Refreshwherevs campaign to promote the brand. The campaign, run in partnership with AR firm Zappar and agency, SkyDigital SA, uses QR codes on packaging that take users to a branded WebAR page, where they can try on new face filters to share with friends. The experience includes face filters where Coca-Cola bottles/caps hover above the user’s heads, supported by springs.

WebAR is a new way to access AR content via a smartphone browser, without the need to download an app. Customers open their camera, scan the code, and a web page opens up, acting as the gateway into the experience. This means anyone with a phone and data connection can use the AR face filters.

The experience is part of a wider campaign targeting Centennials in the country, known as ‘AMA 2000’, which launched in November 2019 and is still running. #Refreshwherevs is a part of the series of AMA 2000 events across the country.

“Im really proud of what weve done with the #Refreshwherevs campaign,” said Nicky Pillay, senior digital transformation manager, Southern and East Africa, at the Coca-Cola Company. “Coca-Cola is the first brand to use WebAR in South Africa. This tech means that all consumers need to do is scan the QR code on our cans to launch the AR experience via their web browser, rather than downloading an app. This both removes friction but also extends the potential audience that can access the content.

“However, the tech isnt the important bit, its the content itself that people care about and the experiences that Sky Digital S.A have created with ZapWorks, Zappar’s augmented reality toolkit have kept people coming back again and again, especially as the experiences are updated regularly with new AR selfies. As a company, we are realising the value of our product packaging and using this huge channel to provide a moment of fun for our consumers and extend our above-the-line campaigns to our product in someones hand.”