Code Computerlove Offers Free Photo Tech for Devs

Digital agency Code Computerlove has released a free technology solution that allows app developers to add gesture-based image interaction in mobile apps.

Photoswipe was created by Ste Brennan, a developer at the agency. The software allows developers to incorporate image browsing features in to their apps, such as swiping through a gallery, automatic resizing, and pinch gestures to zoom and rotate images. There are also options to set up and play slideshows, and scaling and fading effects are available. The functionality is built in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

“A common requirement for many websites is a simple and intuitive way for visitors to browse and navigate around images,” says Brennan. “Indeed, there are literally hundreds of scripts available out there that achieve this. “Similarly, this requirement is also true for mobile websites. However, many current solutions are tailored for the desktop rather than mobile devices. Features such as using your finger to swipe through images and using multi-touch gestures to zoom and rotate images are missing.”

Brennan says that his solution brings the kind of interface that consumers are used to using on their devices native applications to third-party and web apps.

“Mobile solutions are in big demand from the major brands we work with at Code Computerlove. We developed Photoswipe as part of our mobile technology R&D work and decided to make it free and open source. Weve had a fantastic response from the digital community that have trialled Photoswipe so far and we hope it fires developers imaginations to come up with new and innovative ways of using the technology to enhance their mobile websites.”

To get hold of Photoswipe, go to the website or visit GitHub to download the latest version, as well as demos and examples.