Code Introduces Mobile Starter Pack

Digital agency Code Computerlove has developed a rapid mobile site-building solution for companies looking to create mobile-optimised websites. The solution incorporates the Code-developed, open source mobile image gallery, Photoswipe.

By leveraging content and media from existing desktop websites, Code says it can create a  mobile version of a website in days, without having to change the site’s IT infrastructure or CMS (Content Management System).

As well as providing a navigational structure that prioritises the mobile usage context, the solution can also synch with changes made to the desktop content via an existing CMS, ensuring that the mobile site’s content is always up to date. Code says the solution is a good fit for brands who have complex IT restrictions that prohibit the easy development of a mobile site.

“Many client businesses are reporting that the speed of digital development required to meet the demands of today’s consumer is such that that they are cautious about having to invest once again in mobile platforms, despite their belief that mobile is the future and here to stay,” says Code CEO, Tony Foggett. “We have produced a solution where they can cost-effectively gain a mobile-optimised site and take a confident step in developing a mobile strategy. It’s a win-win solution.”

The company has also issued a warning about what it calls the “false economy” of using cheap, build-your-own mobile site products available on the web. “For some, it’s tempting to ‘DIY’ with products that claim you can produce your own mobile site,” says Foggett. “But these solutions can just leave a big mess and a disjointed digital footprint that isn’t strategically aligned. Our solution keeps the brand, your values, your users and business goals very much at the heart of the solution. Importantly, it is also supported by our teams and is performance measured by our analytics experts, who advise on future changes and improvements.”