Code Teams Up With Evrythng

Creative technology firm Code Worldwide has formed a strategic alliance with Evrythng, an internet software and services company co-founded by Andy Hobsbawm, who started one of the first international web agencies, and Niall Murphy, who co-founded wireless broadband business, The Cloud.

Evrythng provides a unique online identity for any physical object. Code’s role is to support an active developer program and stimulate app development by deploying a rich, open source toolset.

“We needed a partner who could help us deliver the API, tools and developer services for,” says Hobsbawm. “Code believes in the idea of Creative Technology: technology as a creative force for consumer engagement and innovative digital applications. We share the same point of view and this, combined with their ability to provide top class development resource, is why we wanted to work with Code.”

“We spend our lives evangelising about how technology can join together systems, people and process to release enormous value – and how our clients benefit from that,” notes Code Worldwide CEO, Matt McNeany. “Until now, we have mainly been working with the digital representation of people and things. Evrythng is about connecting real things in the real world. This is the internet of the future and its what everyone will be talking about at Interactive SXSW next year.”