CodeReadr Launches Dual-function QR Code Tech

Dual Function QR CodeSkycore, the developer of CodeReadr, an enterprise barcode-scanning app, has released “alter-scan”technology to support dual-function QR codes for printed asset labels and transaction-related media, such as coupons, vouchers, tickets and IDs.

Dual-function codes differ from typical codes because they have unique, variable transaction IDs appended to a URL, so the same QR code enables standard, consumer barcode scanning apps to open web pages triggered by a scan, but also allows merchants, venues and businesses to validate and track the code’s use by scanning it with an enterprise app.

To capture appended IDs, codeREADr applies custom rules specific to each URL. The parsed ID is then checked and validated against a client’s database stored locally on iOS, Android or BlackBerry devices or stored on servers managed by codeREADr or its clients. After validation, app users can collect associated information as part of the scan record, including time, date, location, text, voice-to-text and photos.

Dual-function codes printed on transaction media would typically point consumers to web pages offering promotional content. They could also include links to download apps and Passbook passes, initiate purchases or subscribe to marketing campaigns.

For asset labels, a consumer’s scan would typically present contact and general information about the asset or its owner. A field service technician’s scan with codeREADr would typically present more specific asset info, including item-level service manuals and warranty status.

Marketers and enterprises can use the codeREADr app and web services, or alternatively, license the technology for implementation within their own native or web apps.