Coldwell Banker Unveils Mobile-centred eMarketing Platform

coldwell banker ipadReal estate firm Coldwell Banker has introduced a new mobile-optimised marketing platform for its agents, enabling them to engage with consumers via web, email and social media more easily.

The platform, part of the Coldwell Banker 360 suit of products, is aimed at enabling more interaction between independent agents, brokers and consumers. The redesigned marketing content will be implemented through the brands Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest networks.

The platform will bring the brands marketing content to smartphone and tablet users for the first time, and enables agents to create and distribute content from tablets as well. It also enables rich media and video to be embedded in email campaigns, and integrates with Coldwell Bankers preferred vendor for commercial printing, to ensure continuity between digital and physical marketing.

“Our new Coldwell Banker eMarketing platform will make it easier for Coldwell Banker agents to connect with prospective home buyers and sellers while increasing productivity,” said Sean Blankership, senior vice president of marketing for Coldwell Banker Real Estate. “We are excited about the Imprev system integrating with Coldwell Banker Leadrouter, or lead routing system that allows Coldwell Banker agents to respond immediately to online leads and effectively maintain relationships with past, present and future clients.”