Colibria Launches iPhone Client

David Murphy

Colibria has launched its messaging and social networking client for the iPhone. The client is designed exclusively for operators to brand as their own and offer to their iPhone subscribers.
Colibria clients have been deployed by over 30 operators worldwide. The iPhone client allows the operator to offer its own mobile instant messaging service, while also providing access to multiple social networks and Internet IM (Instant Messaging) services from within one single application.
A number of social and messaging networks are supported, including Facebook, Hi5, Twitter, Orkut, Windows Live Messenger, GoogleTalk, Yahoo, and ICQ, from which mobile operators can select the services that are most suitable for their customers. An interactive social networking and messaging experience allows users to easily access their different profiles through one client interface. Subscribers also remain constantly updated through push-updates from their networks, thus encouraging further interaction.
Colibria says its client is the type of value-added service that will become more important, as iPhone operator exclusivity comes to an end in certain regions, and operators look for ways to differentiate themselves. As well as increasing ARPU through additional communication, the client gives operators the opportunity to boost revenues through advertising, with space built-in for banner ads on the main screen of the application.
Apple has an ever increasing share of the Smartphone market, having sold 3.9 million iPhones in the first three months of 2009, notes Guy Reiffer, VP of Marketing for Colibria. It is clear that the iPhone is a key device for our customers. The aim of this new client is to expand on the iPhones fantastic usability and give people integrated access to messaging and to their favourite communities, whilst providing more revenue opportunities for the operator.