Collinson Latitude Calls for Mobile Operators to Anticipate Customers’ Needs

Collinson Latitude, which provides incremental revenue products and services, has called on mobile operators to capitalise on their customer data insights by delivering loyalty reward programmes that better anticipate customer needs.

“Mobile operators are aware of the opportunity to build stronger relationships with their customers by undertaking effective customer segmentation,” says Collinson Latitude director Janet Titterton. “But there is little evidence that they are actively pursuing relationship management strategies that make each of us feel that they know and value us. With initiatives like O2 Priority Moments, we are starting to see operators harness the huge loyalty potential of mobile platforms; providing offers and benefits when and where customers need them. However, to truly reap the rewards of customer loyalty and engagement, the opportunity for operators is to be relevant and provide their customers with tangible value.”

According to Titterton, the need to move beyond generic offers for all to more personalised benefits is particularly acute for operators, who are facing “a watershed in their evolution”. Operators need to capitalise on the varied lifestyle indicators they have access to – including from NFC and contactless payments – to deliver targeted benefits that are relevant to the individual and reward loyalty in a unique way.