comiXchat Messaging App Creates Comic Strips in Real-time

15385466445_223cb31b0a_bcomiXchat, a free messaging app that transforms conversations into comic-strip illustrations, launched today at New York Comic Con.

The app, which is available on iOS, Android and Windows, detects emotion and tone in conversations, with an intelligent scene director altering the positioning, gestures and expressions of avatars depending on the chats content and emotional context. The comics strips are created in real-time as conversations take place, maintaining the responsiveness and speed of other over-the-top messaging and chat apps.

Nubis, the company behind the app, worked with Australian illustrator Otto Schmidinger to create the avatars and backgrounds for the app, but are also developing a marketplace where users can submit their own illustrations to the app, building an ever-expanding pool of styles for users to draw from. By launching at New York Comic Con, the company is hoping to attract professional illustrators to the platform, to ensure high-quality content.

“Users are going to have the most fantastic experience when they see their chats illustrated like this,” said Mark Goodair, co-founder of Nubis. “It happens before your eyes as you carry on the chat. comiXchat is the only messaging app which can make every chat a comic with a unique and artistic look that is never duplicated. It take the entire experience to a new level – giving chatters a whole world that is revealed and documented as their conversations progress.”

The app enables users to attach photos, video and audio as in other messaging apps, with the added bonus that they are embedded within the cartoons, complementing the effect of the comic strip. Entire conversations can also be downloaded and shared via email or on social media.