COMM2000 Launches Messagenet Talk

COMM2000 Group has launched Messagenet Talk, a VoIP and texting app for PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.

Messagenet Talk enables users to make calls for free to any PC or Mac in the world, without requiring the recipient to register for the service or download any software. Callers can also communicate for free with other Messagenet Talk users on their iOS devices, PCs and Macs.

With registration, Messagenet Talk lets users add a second phone line to their devices. That line travels with them anywhere in the world, allowing them to eliminate roaming charges.  The service enhances the iPad and the iPod touch by enabling them to function as telephones. 

All registered Messagenet Talk users can also call and text (SMS) any phone number in the world at rates lower than Skype’s, the company says, adding that other smartphone platforms will be supported in the future.

“Our goal was to create a truly universal and simple service that brings together the devices and services that people on the move really want and need,” says Messagnet CEO, Andrea Galli. “There is a large customer segment out there that understands it should be possible to use the internet to make convenient, high-quality telephone calls at a low cost from anywhere on earth. Messagenet was developed with those people in mind.”

The service enables users to place phone calls to people logged onto PCs or Macs who have not downloaded the Messagenet software or registered as users.  It does so by sending these contacts a link to click on, called a “CallmeLink.” The call begins as soon as the recipient clicks on the link. The caller can send the link via email, instant message, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  Users placing a call from their PC don’t need to install any user software. 

Upon registering for a second phone line and other additional services, users receive 20 minutes of free calling time to destinations in “major-market” countries. The service delivers high-definition audio and a straightforward fee structure. There are no ads, and with using Messagenet.  Registered users can also send and receive faxes.

Users can currently obtain a Messagenet phone number from any of 19 countries, including the US, and much of the European Union.  The numbers include an advanced voicemail service that can deliver messages by email or on the web. UK and Italian numbers are free.

All services can be accessed also via from any PC or Mac with Windows or Linux, with no software installation. For the future, there are plans to make this service available on additional mobile devices.
Messagenet Talk is based on the SIP open standard and can be accessed by registered users from any SIP-compliant telephone, software client for PC or mobile device, or PBX. The Messagenet Talk app and web service are available now here.