CommonTime Announces iPhone 4 Compatibility

Mobile enterprise solutions firm CommonTime has announced that its enterprise solution mSuite, and individual solution mNotes are now both compatibile with the iPhone 4. The company says both solutions leverage the handset’s features, including increased processor speed, the 5 megapixel camera, separate forward-facing camera, multitasking capabilities and improved screen.

“We have always seen the iPhone as a leading device for the enterprise, and have delivered the benefits of our solutions to previous versions” says CommonTime CEO, Ian Knight. “The additional features found in the iPhone 4 make the device even more suited to enterprise use. With video calling capabilities, an improved camera for image capture, inclusion of multitasking support for applications and increased processor performance, it’s clear that the iPhone 4 will be perfectly suited to a wide range of mobile working requirements.”

CommonTime’s rapid application development platform mDesign Studio is also currently being developed for compatibility with the iPhone operating system. The company says the solution provides a powerful yet simple application development environment for any business process. Currently compatible with Windows Mobile, both iPhone and Android operating system support is due for release soon.