Community Launches baagloo QR Code Service

Digital agency Community has launched baagloo, a QR Code-based marketing channel that includes QR Code reader apps for iPhone and Android, a QR Code generator service, strategic planning, creative execution, reporting and accounting.

Canon is one of baagloo’s first clients. The camera maker is using QR Codes as part of a promotion running in more tha 500 stores in Belgium this week. Shoppers scan the code to be taken to a baagloo site which has details of an Ixus camera plus bag, available at a discounted price. 
Baagloo notes that QR Code technology is on the rise, with upmarket retailer Waitrose using it on its TV ads in the UK, and the X Factor rumoured to be considering it for its voting mechanic.

“baagloo was developed in response to a client need for more accountable marketing options,” says Community founder, Dominic O’Meara. “baagloo meets that need 100 per cent with it’s highly affordable entry costs and total accountability.”