CommutePays Launches Travel-based Loyalty Scheme

CommutePays has launched its MileagePerks loyalty and rewards service for US commuters.

Users of the app gain points for each mile they travel and for engaging with brands ads, which can then be redeemed for good or services. The app also features in-store rewards unlocked by visiting specific stores.

The launch comes as CommutePays announces it has closed a $1.1m round of funding from private individuals.

“We view commuters as mobile warriors who are both a captive audience and a fiercely loyal audience, and CommutePays leverages these essential elements to create a true loyalty network for the commuter class,” said Shahir Ahmed, founder and CEO of CommutePays. “CommutePays is designed as a location-based  gamification engine, and together with our partners, we can reward consumers at a very high level with retailers whose message is tailored to the loyal mobile commuter.”

CommutePays is currently available for iOS, with an Android version promised soon.