Companion App Reveals More Details About Apple Watch

Apple WatchThe iOS companion app for the Apple Watch has been uncovered, revealing more features for the long-awaited wearable device.

9to5Mac discovered the app within the iOS 8.2 beta release. Primarily, the app will be used to manage the Watchs settings – including what apps appear on the home screen, a customisable monogram for the virtual watch face, and a stock tracker.


The app also provided a preview at some of the features of the Apple Watch. Wearers will be able to respond to messages using their voice, which will then be then transcribed into text or sent as audio.

The watch will also feature optional haptic feedback for navigation, giving the wearer a tapping sensation on their list when they need to turn. Its fitness tracking features will include regular activity progress updates, notifications when certain goals are met, and reminders to stand up when the user has been sitting down for too long.