Company Profile: Admixer

Mobile Marketing talks to Yaroslav Kholod, Director of Programmatic Operations at Admixer.

Mobile Marketing: What is your role at Admixer?

Yaroslav Kholod: With over 10 years of experience in online advertising, I have been an instrumental member of the Admixer team since its creation. I spent five years building the business’s publisher-side operations before shifting my focus to the programmatic ecosystem in 2016. I am responsible for the growth of Admixer’s demand- and supply-side offering, ad-serving solutions, and developing comprehensive user-friendly services for customers across the industry.

MM: Tell us about Admixer

TK: Admixer is an independent ad tech company that provides full-stack programmatic solutions for all market players. We have our own line of ad tech products for brands, ad agencies, media houses, publishers, ad networks, and other buy- and sell-side industry players looking for effective ad management. Our customisable technology, in-depth expertise, and a personal approach help businesses turn programmatic advertising into a scalable revenue channel.

Since its creation in 2008, our company has been developing an ecosystem of interconnected products to meet the needs of both buy- and sell-side, one that is ever evolving to adapt to the constantly changing digital landscape.

A global business, Admixer fulfils a multi-faceted role for clients, acting as revenue consultants, advising on how to increase their digital traffic, applying their expertise to the effectiveness of publisher ad inventory, and sharing insights into the latest technology that could positively impact their revenue stream.

As specialists in everything from online advertising, ad exchange and real-time bidding to both sell- and buy-side platforms and yield optimisation, Admixer works with more than 100 supply and demand partners, with over 3,000 clients, reaching 20bn impressions across 40,000 publishers worldwide. We run offices in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia, and legal entities in the UK and Germany. Overall, Admixer has 285 employees worldwide – and we are still growing!

MM: Tell us about your latest innovation – RTB stack

YK: Admixer is introducing RTB stack – a white-label ad exchange that can accommodate any media trading needs. Now, you can build your own programmatic ecosystem, seamlessly connecting supply and demand, without worrying about endless tweaks. The newly-released technology is a complimentary stack of ad management SaaS platforms for supply- and demand-sides, and all businesses-in-between.

With Admixer RTB stack, companies can build and empower their own up-to-date advertising platforms for media trading in all digital environments. Users can connect an unlimited number of SSPs and DSPs, track performance by the hour, and use this data for optimisation. RTB Stack enables companies to get an ad exchange platform individually tailored to their brand identity, with an ability to give out white-label dashboards for stats and connect an unlimited number of SSPs and DSPs.

Creating your own ad exchange requires not only traffic and data expertise, but also a tech layer that will provide analytics, reporting, and the wealth of integration to connect various partners. Crafting such technology from the ground up requires an excruciating amount of development resources and time. Thus, it is much easier to run your media trading business on white-label technology.

MM: What does your recent prebid partnership mean for advertisers?

YK: This header bidding technology is a user-centred platform with a convenient interface where the website owner can connect additional advertisers in a few clicks without re-installing code on the website or signing contracts.

Prebid.js is an open-source solution that created the environment for the mass adoption of header bidding. It has the most extensive library of efficient adapters to connect publishers to the major advertising platforms.

In addition to that, we added an efficient platform with the ability to connect even more external demand, direct advertisers, as well as 100+ DSPs, with whom Admixer already has deals signed. Publishers can add new demand sources from the list of signed partners and instantly test the CPM increase.

Header bidding is a website owner must-have for 2021. When third-party cookies are eventually disabled, publishers without a reliable technology for managing fragmented demand and the ability to deliver first-party data face critical monetisation issues.

Third-party cookies are going away, but first-party cookies are here to stay. In this light, the main goal is to give the maximum number of advertisers access to first-party cookies. The best way to do it is with header bidding – where multiple DSPs can get access to first-party data.

The more extensive and diversified the demand, the more stable the site is. It is essential to test external sources of demand by connecting different DSPs, increasing the overall CPM.