Compuware: FIFA Scores Own Goal with World Cup App

Fifa app reviews 2FIFA launched its first ever app in December last year, in good time for the start of Junes World Cup, with the organisation projecting 70m downloads in its first few months.

While the app has had downloaded between 1m and 5m times so far, poor reviews from frustrated fans prompted Compuware to perform an analysis of the app. The company found three major holes that it says are causing the app to crash at key moments – including when trying to access information on the home team, Brazil, and when tapping to get news updates.

Two of the issues found were put down to glitches in the code and are easily solveable, but the issue with news navigation would need re-architecting in house, Compuware says. The apps overall speed is actually considered fast, with the analysis showing that most requests are executing in under one second. But the company said FIFA has missed efficiencies that could be made in its code to make things happen even faster.

Compuware used a Galaxy S2 to test the app – notably not among the latest Android handsets – and its not clear what its penetration currently is worldwide. As Android presents the most fragmented handset picture worldwide, its no doubt there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of variants of the OS being used to download FIFAs app during the main event.

FIFA worked with Monitise Create, formerly Grapple, to build its app.