Compuware Gomez Develops Mobile Optimisation Tools

Compuware Gomez has added new mobile monitoring tools to its application performance management solution (APM).

The Compuware Gomez Platform now sports a mobile real-user monitoring feature, which allows companies to see the actual performance an individual end-user is experiencing when accessing their website from a mobile device. 

According to the company, this function measures performance directly from a users browser and mobile device allowing companies to evaluate real-user performance by device or browser, geography, network and connection speed. Companies can also track the resulting impact on business metrics such as page views, conversions, and abandonment.

The release also features Gomez mobile readiness assessment. This element provides businesses with an automated assessment of the suitability of a website for mobile visitors by scoring the site against a set of standards. The tool will suggest areas of improvement for the site.

“Companies today are investing in strategic web and mobile applications to fuel revenue growth and profitability,” says Bruce Reading, SVP and general manager of Compuwares APM business unit. “Competition is intense, and the need to optimise application performance has never been greater. In this latest release we continue to innovate, unify and integrate our entire APM product line to provide customers with a unique and holistic ability to manage application performance.”

For more details on all the new enhancements included in the Gomez Spring 2011 Platform Release, click here.