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comScore Launches MMX Multi-Platform Beta

Alex Spencer

comScore has launched the beta of its MMX Multi-Platform service in the US.

MMX Multi-Platform, a digital audience measurement and media planning tool, is comScore's latest addition to its Audience Analytics suite, which includes MMX, Mobile Metrix and Video Metrix.

MMX Multi-Platform incorporates mobile sites, apps and video content into the MMX rankings - an addition which has increased the number of properties reaching 100m unique visitors from six to 10. Interestingly, Pandora sees twice as many users on mobile (48.6m) as on desktop (22.7m), pushing its ranking from 61st in the MMX rankings, to 23rd.

“With smartphones and tablets accounting for a rapidly expanding share of digital media consumption, comScore recognised the need to evolve our industry-leading audience measurement product to better represent this new paradigm,” said Jeff Hackett, executive vice president of comScore. “By developing proprietary methods to account for multi-platform audience overlap, we have designed a truly unique and innovative solution.”

comScore says the beta will continue for several months while the product undergoes thorough data review and validation.