Comverse Adds CRM Capabilities

Comverse and Infor have announced a strategic partnership that expands the Comverse ONE Billing and Active Customer Management solution to include capabilities from Infor CRM. The new Comverse ONE embedded features include sales, marketing and services functionality, to afford operators the ability to improve their subscriber acquisition, retention and campaign management capabilities, while also providing a better customer experience.

Since launching last year, Comverse ONE has received top ratings in the Business Support System (BSS) space for telcos from industry analyst firms Yankee, Gartner and Frost & Sullivan. The solution enables operators to consistently manage any subscriber, and any service on any network, with any payment type. All customer touchpoints are supported, including call centre, web, handset or other mobile device.
Through the strategic partnership with Infor, Comverse ONE will now offer additional CRM capabilities to help operators attract new subscribers and build customer loyalty.
Comverse says the new embedded Infor CRM capabilities provide operators with the ability to leverage the Comverse ONE unified single data model and provide the best customer experience. Key features include:

  • Sales Force Automation – to drive operator revenues by managing leads and sales activities, targeting new customers and upselling to existing customers.
  • Campaign Management – to help operators run effective marketing campaigns by leveraging subscriber information and external data to build target lists and then executing them through multiple channels.
  • Interaction and Case Management – to improve the 360-degree view of customer-centric activities. The capability reflects both system- and user-generated activities, and provides the ability to resolve customer issues via end-to-end case resolution and process-oriented models for accurate and complete resolution of issues.

Our customers that have adopted Comverse ONE as their converged BSS solution have been deploying new services to their subscribers in a matter of weeks rather than months, says Comverse President and CEO, Andre Dahan. With these new capabilities introduced through the Infor partnership, Comverse ONE now spans and accelerates the entire prospect-to-cash process. With marketing becoming the key battleground for operators, Comverse will now be offering our customers the most comprehensive and targeted tools to compete in their marketplace.
Theres more information about Comverse ONE here.