Comverse Launches Mobile Internet HUB

Comverse has announced the commercial availability of the Comverse Mobile Internet HUB, with enhanced traffic management capabilities to allow telecom carriers to better meet the challenges and opportunities presented by surging mobile data usage.
The Comverse Mobile Internet HUB offers a Service Policy Management layer, which both creates rules for data traffic and enforces them in real time. For instance, operators can use the Service Policy Manager to define tiered data plans that could fit users different lifestyles and needs, such as using the mobile Internet during certain hours, or limiting access to predefined websites. Operators can also use the Service Policy Manager to define the desired flow between the data services and to set appropriate user notifications when necessary.  
Todays mobile operators need better ways to manage their data networks, said Dror Bin, Group President of Products for Comverse. To support different classes of mobile data services, operators need to establish multiple rules and policies. Operators also are looking to reduce the growing network expenses and enhance the user experience through introducing simple and intuitive data plans. This calls for one centralised tool that will allow multi-dimensional management of the operators mobile Internet service.
More than 60 telecom carriers worldwide use Comverses mobile internet solutions, supporting more than one-third of North American mobile Internet users. Mobile Internet HUB is part of Comverse HUB Value-Added Services, spanning voice, messaging, mobile Internet and mobile advertising.