Comverse Powers Vodacoms Visual Voicemail Service

S. African mobile operator Vodacom has launched the country’s first visual voicemail service, powered by Comverse, for iPhone users on its network.

Visual voicemail displays voicemails on the phone’s screen, including details such as the date, time, sender and length of the message. The user then clicks on any message to hear it and can listen to messages in any order.

By using visual voicemail, says Comverse, recipients retrieve voice messages more quickly, and are more likely to return calls. Callers are also encouraged to leave more messages because they realise their messages tend to be heard immediately, the company says.

“Being the first in the country to launch visual voicemail underscores Vodacom’s standing as an innovation leader,” says Dror Bin, president of global sales at Comverse. “With this service launch in S. Africa, visual voicemail has now expanded its presence and popularity to key regions around the world.”
With more than two thirds of commercial launches worldwide, Comverse claims market leadership in the sector. Comverse Visual Voicemail is part of the Comverse HUB Value-Added Services, which spans voice, messaging, mobile internet and mobile advertising. 

Vodacom provides mobile communications and related services to more than 25m customers. Its mobile network covers a total population of approximately 182m people across five countries: S. Africa, Tanzania, the DRC, Lesotho and Mozambique.