Comverse Visual Voicemail Available for Blackberry

Comverse has announced that its Visual Voicemail offering for mobile network operators now works on BlackBerry Smartphones, including the most recent models.
The Comverse Visual Voicemail solution delivers all messages to a BlackBerrys inbox, complete with each voicemails date, time and length, as well as each callers phone number and identity if available. Listening to messages and returning phone calls is as simple as clicking on the message.
Visual Voicemail is part of the Comverse Voice HUB, which is a single platform for multiple voice-related services, such as next-generation voicemail, Ringback tones, and Call Completion. Operators can reap cost savings from the Voice HUBs unified platform, says Comverse, because it reuses major components and takes advantage of centralised operation, maintenance and provisioning.
While the user can take pleasure in a true visual voicemail experience to save money and time, service providers can benefit from a boost in customer satisfaction, as well as enjoy increases in voicemail usage and penetration in key consumer and business segments, says Comverse Chief Marketing Officer, John Bunyan.
Comverse will be demonstrating its Visual Voicemail offering on BlackBerry Smartphones at CTIA Wireless 2009 in Las Vegas, from 1 – 3 April.