Conference Focuses on Mobile Advertising in the US

David Murphy

Informa Telecoms & Media is staging a two-day event, Mobile Advertising & Marketing USA from 22 23 January 2008, at the JW Marriott hotel in San Francisco, 
Informa is predicting that the number of mobile subscriptions worldwide will rise to almost 4 billion by 2011, and that the US mobile entertainment market will be worth $2.77 billion (1.33 billion) in 2007, rising to $4.63 billion by 2012. With mobile data charges falling, the bond between consumers and the most personal of devices would appear to be growing all the time, meaning that the potential to tap into the ubiquity and reach of the mobile phone is as great as ever, says Informa.
The event will look at what needs to happen to reach consumers with mobile advertising and take personalisation to the mass market. It will also consider how the US mobile advertising and marketing industry is faring, and to what extent the possibilities for building big brand equity and generating revenue are being capitalised on.
It will consider whether it is just a case of demonstrating the creativity and impact of campaigns rolled out on mobile so far, or whether more concrete results need to be produced to convince advertisers and agencies to invest in mobile as an integral advertising and marketing channel. It will also look at what work is being done successfully on mobile, and at the brands and agencies that are leading the way with innovative and compelling campaigns that hit the spot.
Operators are under the spotlight too. The event will look at how operators are progressing in their plans for on-deck mobile advertising, and at how their strategies will affect the industry. Finally, the conference will look at social networking, commerce and the mobile web, considering what are the hottest areas being developed to generate mobile advertising and marketing revenue, who are the companies leading the way and at how everyone can monetise these important new channels.
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